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CNC Routed Foam

Our CNC foam routing machines use high speed rotary cutters to remove foam material and deliver precise, accurate custom foam interiors. Taking input directly from a CAD program, CNC routed foam is an excellent option for making one-off cases, or developing initial prototypes for a larger run.

Die-Cut Foam

Die-cutting foam uses a custom form, or die, to cut the foam to the shape of your equipment. Die-cut foam can be very cost-effective at larger quantities, and we operate a wide range of die presses to give our customers a full range of customization options.

Black Polyester Foam Insert
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Polyester foam, also known as Ester, is a flexible, open-cell type of polyurethane with a rough surface texture foam that has a near-infinite amount of applications due to the following characteristics: Compressibility. Cushioning.

Energy absorption.

Gray Poleythlene Foam Insert
Gray Crosslink PE Foam Insert
foarm 2 muse.jpg
Blue Tool Control Foam Insert

Crosslink PE

Cross-linked polyethylene foam is a closed-cell foam which means it is compact and resistance to water complete with a smooth surface. It is similar to properties found in polyethylene foam and is used in the packaging of medical products to commercial equipment.

Tool Control

Tool control foam is Crosslink PE with a twist. It allows for all the same durability and resistance to water with a smooth style finish. Available in a verity of colors for unique customization and organization.


Polyethylene foam is a durable, lightweight closed-cell material that offers high resistance to chemicals and moisture. It is best used in the packaging of fragile goods due to its excellent vibration dampening, shock absorbing and insulation properties. 

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