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Tool Control Foam Insert Blue

Organize and protect your equipment

the way you want it.

Custom Foam Inserts.

Creating a perfect fit CNC Foam Insert for your merchandise is easier than you think. Our CNC foam routing machines use high speed rotary cutters to remove foam material and deliver precise, custom foam interiors. Taking input directly from a CAD program, CNC routed foam is an excellent option for making one-off cases, or developing initial prototypes for a larger run.

To keep your products safe and secure, the best option is a custom foam insert for the perfect fit. 

Quick and easy storage! Your custom foam insert will take the guess work out of where things go.

No more tetras packing.

You can customize your foam insert with different accent colors for organization and personality.

A custom foam insert will last longer than pick and pluck foam because it is designed for repeat use.

Why Custom Foam.





Tool Control Foam Insert
Custom Gun Red Foam Insert
White Custom Foam Insert
CNC Cut Custom Foam Insert
Customized Foam Insert with Blue Engraving and Multi Tray

Make it Unique.

Customize your foam insert.

With our CNC machines we can offer you unique customization to your Tool Control foam insert.

It can be tailored to your vision though a variety

of colors and engraving.

Available Colors: 


Have your company, name, or brand displayed in foam.

Secure Fit

Your products will be safe from damage and shifting in an insert designed for your product.

Multi Tray

Need to fit more? You can have multiple removable trays designed for your products.

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